Coin Flip for a Trip

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!  Stay tuned for more trip giveaways! 

Everyday, your life is filled with decisions…get up or hit snooze?  Lather, rinse, repeat, or just lather, rinse?    Y108 is giving you a chance to make a decision that can put your butt on a beach, with our Coin Flip for a Trip contest!

Weekday mornings at 7:30am and afternoons at 3:30pm , be the 8th caller when you hear the cue to call.  We’ll toss the coin and YOU get to call heads or tails.  Call it correctly, and you’ll instantly qualify for an all inclusive vacation to the following resorts below, courtesy of Transat and and The Links 4-Pack* – 4 hrs of sim time from The Links Golf & Sports Academy

As far as decisions go, this is WAY more exciting than soup or salad.  Coin Flip for a Trip, presented by The Links Golf & Sports Academy, Transat,, the smarter way to plan travel, and World Class Rock, Y108.

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*The Links 4-Pack: This entitles the holder to 4 hrs of sim time to be used any time or day with no expiry date. Can be used as 4 individual hours or any combination including a full round of golf for a foursome.