The Howe ● Gretzky Exhibition

9&99: The Howe ∙ Gretzky Exhibition

Limited-time exhibit celebrates the storied careers and the indelible bond
between these two Legends. 

A 2,000 square foot exhibit that pays homage to the NHL’s most prolific goal scorers,  “Mr. Hockey ” and “The Great One”, titled ‘9 & 99 : The Howe x Gretzky Exhibit’.   This comprehensive tribute explores, through mirrored individual displays, how each legend transcended the game for their respective generations, while highlighting the similarities in their Hall of Fame careers.  The more than 150 historic artifacts hand-picked by Hall of Fame curators from the Howe and Gretzky family collections range in years from 1946’s Detroit Red Wings jacket presented to Howe as a “signing bonus” all the way to Gretzky’s final NHL game in 1999.  The display also incorporates various multi-media, captivating video vignettes and rare photos.

Featured items in the exhibit include Howe’s gloves from his first Stanley Cup (1952),  Gretzky’s first pair of skates (early 1960’s),  Howe 2000th point stick (1974 – 75) and Gretzky’s 2000th point puck (1990 – 91), Gretzky’s 92nd stick/puck and his stick from his 212 point season (all from 1981-82), stick and puck from Howe’s 801 NHL goal (April 6, 1980) and Gretzky’s record breaking 802 goal stick and puck (March 23, 1994), Howe’s last All-Star Jersey (1980) in which he played with Gretzky,  Gretzky’s equipment from his last game (April 18, 1999) and Howe and Gretzky’s Order of Canada.  Both legends had the customary three-year waiting period in the Player Category waived for immediate induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame; Howe in 1972 (he came out of retirement in 1973), and Gretzky in 1999.

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