A Country Mourns For The Humboldt Broncos

In a time where tragedy seems to be in large supply, Canada has been rocked with the awful news out of Saskatchewan.

On Friday The Humboldt Broncos Hockey team, was travelling on their team bus just outside of Tisdale when there was a collision involving a semi-truck.  29 people were on the bus and 15 were killed, including players, the head coach and the play by play announcer.

Since this awful news broke there has been an outpouring of support, from around both Canada and the United States with many NHL players and coaches offering their support and condolences to everyone who has been affected by this tragedy.  For Saturday nights game between the Jets and Blackhawks, all the names on players jerseys were replaced with “Broncos” as a showing of support, also both teams made donations of $25,000 to the Humboldt Broncos Hockey Club.

Devastating events like these will always cause us to stop and reflect, and although I’ve never been much a believer in the healing powers of “thoughts and prayers”, sometimes all you can do is let the people most affected know that they are at the top of your mind.

If you wish make a donation to help the families involved just follow this link to the Go Fund Me page that has been set up to help support all these families in their time of need.  There are no words nor any sized donation that can ease the pain of the people who have lost family and friends to this horrific incident, but for what it’s worth, all of Canada has Humboldt in their hearts and minds.


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