Do We Need Guides for "Getting Into" Bands?

For me, if I ever had a “guide” for getting into a band, it was a friend of mine telling me something like, “you’ve got to hear this group”, and then they would play me their favourite song by whatever band they happened to be talking about.  That is all it takes, an endorsement from someone you trust followed by a sample of the music.  However, I came across an article today titled “The Guide to Getting into Pearl Jam“, and I found myself wondering why anyone would need a guide to get into Pearl Jam when you could just pick any song off the album Ten and that would do the trick?

Other bands have these so called guides as well, and it leaves me wondering why this is necessary?  Rock bands seem to be the only ones getting this treatment, so part of me thinks it could be a sign of the times.  Maybe the waning popularity of rock music among the younger generations is leading to these in depth articles on what songs to listen to and in what order, but even that seems unnecessary when a simple suggestion of stand out songs by any given band would suffice.

These articles make it sound as though being a fan of bands like Pearl Jam, Mastodon and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs is a skill that requires a strategic approach.  While I can see a brief outline of songs to start off with being helpful for a band like Rush (meaning that you probably wouldn’t want to introduce someone to them by playing the 20 minute epic, Cygnus X-1 Book 2), having so called “guides” for a band like Pearl Jam or The Cure just seems to add a level of pretentious hipster appeal that would turn more people off if anything.

Maybe I’m reading to far into this, but as far as I’m concerned all you need to get into Pearl Jam is this track right here.


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