"Deal Or No Deal" is coming back!

Hit TV show “Deal Or No Deal” is coming back to the airwaves this Fall, on CNBC Prime! Also returning is fan-favourite Howie Mandel as host.

The new ‘Deal or No Deal’ will feature all the high energy and family friend fun as before, but with “exciting new twists”.

The game show originally aired on NBC from 2005-2009. It features 26 briefcases containing amounts ranging from one cent up to $1 million.

The player chooses one case as their case, hoping it’s the $1 million dollar prize. They are then told to open a specific number of cases, each time hoping that the amounts they reveal inside those cases is a low amount, leaving larger amounts in play, and increasing the odds that their case has a large amount in it.

As the game is played, a character known as ‘the Banker’ on the show, offers the contestant various amounts of money to try and persuade him/her from continuing to play the game and quit early. The constant is having to choose between “Deal” or “No Deal” with what the Banker offers, hence the name of the show. If the contestant continues to say “No Deal” to the Banker’s offers, then they eventually get to open the case that they selected at the start of the show, and keep the prize inside it.

ABOVE: A video example of one of the constants of the show winning the $1 million prize.

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