Sporting Event Etiquette and "Cheering too Loud"

I’ve been a Jays fan since I was a kid, so I tend to get pretty excited when I go to watch them play live.

Such was the case this Friday when I attended the Jays series opener against the Red Sox with my girlfriend and another friend of mine.  We were sitting way up in the 500’s which I find is always a fun place to sit because people tend to get rowdy and have a bit of a party up there. The group of people sitting behind us were doing exactly that, they’d have some drinks and they were loud, but they were also funny and nice people.  Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the couple (I’m assuming in their mid 20’s) sitting in front of us.

Throughout the course of the game I was explaining various baseball rules to my girlfriend (she doesn’t watch baseball much) and cheering on the team the way that one does while attending a live sporting event.  Also we were talking about various things in between innings such as Harry Potter and other chit chat.  As the game went on I noticed that we were getting frequent dirty looks from the young couple in front of us, but I couldn’t figure out why so I just ignored them until about the 6th inning when the young lady of the two turned around and told us to “shut up, you’ve been loud all game and are talking about dumb s**t like Harry Potter”.  At which point I replied saying something to the effect of “we’re cheering on our team and we can talk about whatever we want, if you don’t like it than go watch the game at home” (I’m paraphrasing though, there were probably a number of expletives thrown into that statement).  At that point the boyfriend jumped in and he and I got into a bit of an argument before the usher threatened to kick us both out of the game, at which point we stopped making a scene, but things were far from over.

Fellow fans around us took our side and encouraged us to keep being loud and keep cheering on the team, which we did, only now we were trying to be obnoxious about it.  Pretending to cast Harry Potter spells to conjure up runs, clapping right next to their ears and sarcastically commenting how loud other fans were being when they started up a “LETS GO BLUE JAYS” chant were just a few of our petty, spiteful tactics.  Were we being immature….. yeah probably, but like I said, if you don’t want to listen to other people getting excited about your team (they were also Jays fans by the way) then stay home!

Several other exchanges were had with the grumpy couple before the end of the game, but as thing wrapped up it became clear based on comments we received others in our section that we were not alone in thinking that it is out of line to complain about “loud cheering”.

Now in closing I will say that there is a point where cheering on the team can become excessively obnoxious for other people but you have to take it pretty damn far to cross that line so the moral of the story is this: Don’t be afraid to cheer on your home team, if you paid for a ticket than feel free to enjoy the game how you want and whatever you do….. don’t be the section d**k.


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