The Ongoing History of New Music Encore Presentation: The History of Indie Rock, Part 2

All change, all evolution, all revolution in music comes from the street. It’s up to indie musicians, indie labels and the people who believe in them to propel our music forward. This is the way it’s always been since the beginning of rock. “The History of Indie Rock” is a four-part Ongoing History series that seeks to give credit where credit is due and to help explain how our music got to where it is today. Part two of the series will deal with what happened in the indie alt-rock world in the late 70s and early 80s. For all of you asking for me to talk about hardcore, there’s plenty here for you.

Songs featured on this week’s show:

Theadora Kelly Project, “Indie Hipster Kid”

Buzzcocks, “Boredom”

Specials, “Gangsters”

Joy Division, “Digital”

M|A|R|R|S, “Pump Up the Volume”

My Bloody Valentine, “Soon”

Primal Scream, “Velocity Girl”

The Smiths, “This Charming Man” (NY Vocal)

Black Flag, “Wasted”

Bad Religion, “Bad Religion”

Dead Kennedys, “California Uber Alles”

Here’s Eric Wilhite’s playlist for the show.

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