Upside of Voter Apathy?

June 7th was election day for Ontario and we had the largest voter turnout in nearly 20 years with 58% of eligible voters making it out to the polls.

Now while that’s certainly an improvement, no doubt there are a lot of people who are concerned that 42% of Ontario voters stayed home during the election.  Voter apathy is considered a very large problem by many, but maybe it’s not apathy that is the problem, maybe it’s voter ignorance.

I know a young man (early 20s) who is eligible to vote and while I never thought too highly of him, I was impressed by how eager he was to vote in this past election.  That is to say I WAS impressed, until he asked me if this election was to decide who would be mayor of Toronto!  Now it was bad enough he didn’t know that it was a provincial election, but what made it worse was that he thought that as a citizen of Woodbridge, he would have a say in who would be mayor of a city he did not live in.  Eventually I found out that he wasn’t even registered to vote so he didn’t go to the polls anyways.

The point I’m trying to make is that if the 42% of people who didn’t vote were as uninformed and clueless as the young man I just mentioned, then maybe it’s not so bad that they stayed home.


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