The Short Road Trip - How Short is Too Short

How long does a car ride need to be to be considered a road trip?

I recently took the kids to Boston and it was a hefty time in the car with a four and ten year old. So this summer I’m looking for a shorter trip.

Is three hours still a road trip?

The beauty of living in Hamilton is that you can get to so many places within a three-hour radius: Picton, Sauble Beach, Elora, even the States (although who wants to go there these days…)

So I asked you guys and here are some of your fave short road trip destinations:

Wolfe Island


Grand Bend


In the meantime, we can’t talk road trips without THIS:

Email me, or Chris Z, if you have any short road trip suggestions.

We’d love to hear where the road has taken you 🙂


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