CEO in Alabama gives employee his car after he walks 32 kilometres to job

WATCH: An Alabama man in his 20s received a surprise on Monday, July 16 when the CEO of the company he works for presented him with his personal car to use to get to work after the young man, Walter Carr, walked more than 30 kilometres to work.

An Alabama CEO has given one of his employees his car after learning the man in his 20s recently walked more than 30 kilometres — about 20 miles — to his job.

Bellhops Moving CEO Luke Marklin presented Walter Carr the keys to his car, a Ford Escape, three days after the young man had started his job.

“There’s decisions in your life that are sometimes big that you make pretty quickly because they’re the right thing to do and this is one of them,” Marklin told CBS News.

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Carr ran into car trouble when it broke down last week and in order to help a family move, he started walking to their home around midnight on Friday.

Pelham Police officers, according to CBS affiliate KCBY, passed him on his way to the family’s home and picked him up before taking him to breakfast. They then dropped him off at his appointment.

When Jennifer Lamey found out, the woman who he was coming to help move, posted a video on her Facebook which eventually reached the company’s headquarters.

Somehow my original post was deleted. Here is it again!! I am overwhelmed that it was shared over 800 times in one day!…

Posted by Jenny Hayden Lamey on Sunday, July 15, 2018

Lamey thanked him in her Facebook post.

“I just can’t tell you how touched I was by Walter and his journey,” she wrote. “He is humble and kind and cheerful and he had big dreams.

“Be like Walter. Be a Walter. What would Walter do.”

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On Monday, Carr got a surprise when he was presented the car in front of a crowd.

Walter Carr gets into his new car on Monday, July 16, 2018, after it was presented to him by the company CEO.

Walter Carr gets into his new car on Monday, July 16, 2018, after it was presented to him by the company CEO.

“I’d like to give you this car right here. Today. Like right now. Like you can drive away with it,” Markling told Carr.

Asked why he made the 32-kilometre trek, Carr said it was about showing dedication.

“I wanted to show them that I have the dedication, and that I always have in my life and that I am going to get to this job one way or the other. tell people if you think over 20 miles is a lot, then come walk in my shoes, because my shoes really killing me that day,” Carr said. “God blessed me so much.”

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