Hamilton band The Dirty Nil draw praise from NME Magazine in Britain

Prestigeous British music publication NME Magazine caught Hamilton band The Dirty Nil during a Monday night pub show during their UK tour and loved them. The title of the article? “The Dirty Nil simply do not give a f**k if rock is dead or not”.

The story takes aim at old time rockers who are going on record and calling the rock genre ‘dead’ and praises The Dirty Nil for countering that sentiment with their energetic live show. “This is a band who are here for a good time, and if it also happens to be a long time, then great. Either way, it was a really f**king good time”

“when a band like The Dirty Nil make the trip over from Ontario, Canada to play a pub in New Cross on a Monday night like it’s a sold out Wembley Stadium, it’s a reminder of the whole point of this entire thing”

Could you ask for a better compliment? “it’s a reminder of the whole point of this entire thing”

I’m sure frontman Luke Bentham is flattered by the magazine’s comparisons to Josh Homme and Joe Strummer saying he’s “cut from the same grubby cloth of rockstardom”

Musically NME praised the band by saing “the ‘Nil are now armed with an array of anthems-in-waiting” referencing the soon-to-be released album ‘Master Volume”.

The new record ‘Master Volume’ drops September 14th and a new single and video have already been released! check it out below.

The band comes home to play Supercrawl on Sept 13th the night before the album release.

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