"Nirvanaback" the Ultimate Troll.

A social media page has gone up titled “Nirvana Reunion with Chad Kroeger from Nickleback on Vocals“.  As you might expect, the page has sparked some controversy.

Now it’s quite obvious that no part of this is official and the whole thing is just a big example of trolling, but Nirvana purists are offended all the same.  The general hatred for Nickleback is almost equivalent to the love for Nirvana, with the ladders music being innovative, meaningful and one of a kind, while the former’s music is catchy in a cheesy kind of way at best (in my opinion).

Of course Nickleback does have a very dedicated fan base, some of which are swooning at the proposed reunion, but even the most hopeful supporter of what I’m now referring to as “Nirvanaback”, must admit that there is no chance of this happening.

Is the idea of this crossover really so offensive though?  Well if you just look at it as a troll, then no it’s not.  However if you assume that it’s a real possibility than I could understand getting upset.  For many Kurt Kobain was a visionary with an immaculate legacy that came to a tragic end.  The simple idea of a Nirvana reunion is jarring enough but if you were to shoehorn Chad Kroeger into the picture just because he has a “grumble voice”, well that is just plain wrong.




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