The REAL "song of the summer" contains the lyrics "Bitch, I'm a Cow"

You know those stories of how some weird unidentified creature washed up on some beach somewhere? The Internet is a lot like the sea, offering up all sorts of strange things from the deep.

The latest musical example is from Doja Cat with her music video, “Mooo!” Not only has the video gone viral (Chance the Rapper has given it a big thumbs-up), but the memes are now out of control.

Genius describes it thusly: “Los Angeles-based singer and rapper Doja Cat shared a video for her tongue-in-cheek track ‘Mooo!’ last week, and the song went viral over the weekend for its catchphrase, ‘Bitch, I’m a cow.’ While the self-produced track gained attention for its cow-themed lyrics and zany visual, there’s more to the song lurking beneath the surface. Throughout its lyrics, Doja interpolates hits from Wu-Tang Clan, Juicy J, Ludacris, and Kelis.

Er, okay.

Let’s start with the song that started it all.

Now let’s move on to some of the memes. Please enjoy.

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