The Ongoing History of New Music, episode 827: More stories about famous recording studios

This may sound weird, but I love the smell of a proper professional recording studio. The air is kept clean and dust-free to protect the equipment. The A/C is usually cranked up to offset the heat generated by the electronics. There’s a slight whiff of ozone created by all the electrical circuits. And it’s usually very, very quiet, thanks to loads of isolation and baffling and soundproofing.

To me, a recording studio is the musical equivalent of an operating theatre, a place that’s dedicated to one thing and one thing only. And what goes on within its walls is deadly serious.

Okay, so maybe I’m not saying that recording a song is the same as a heart transplant, but both places have the same sort of vibe.

There used to be dozens and dozens (hundreds?) of high-end recording studios around the planet. People would travel thousands of kilometres to work at them because they were thought to be magical in some way.

But that was when you needed a fully-equipped recording studio to make a record. Today you can do a pretty good job with a laptop in your bedroom.

This means many of the legendary studios are gone, victims of the changing economics of the music industry. Fortunately, though, a new of these behemoths still exist.

This is another look at some of the world’s legendary recording studios, both past and present.

Songs heard on this show:

David Bowie, Life on Mars

Sex Pistols, Holidays in the Sun

The Verve, Bittersweet Symphony

Mumford & Sons, Believe

The Clash, The Magnificient Seven

Black Keys, TIghten Up

Tragically Hip, Poets

Bob Marley, No Woman No Cry (Live)

If you want to listen to a playlist of the above, Eric Wilhite has created one.

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