What Happens When You Tell Your Old School Italian Mother About Your Legal Weed Smoking? Hilarity

As Canada celebrates Cannabis legalisation, many of us are left with interesting new decisions to make. Do we tell our Co workers that we enjoy legal cannabis? What about our bosses? Will “The Man” mind that I might make a break for the bong during my time off?

Luckily for us here at The Morning Grind, we got a pretty accepting group of coworkers and bosses who don’t mind that we might toke and joke about it. However for many people, Cannabis still remains a forbidden fruit. Something that is a taboo and an unacceptable past time to partake in. And that leaves legal cannabis consumers with an interesting question. How do they tell those who view Cannabis as a hardcore drug, that they will be using the substance recreationally.

One particular person is our very own Jay Brody. He’s been struggling with how to break it to his traditional and extremely “Old School” Italian Mother that he’s going to purchase and consume Cannabis from the newly run Ontario Cannabis Store website. He decided that a phone call to his mother might be the best bet…. It went hilariously awful. Have a listen below…

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