5 songs you must hear this week: 11 February 2019

1. Cage the Elephant, Ready to Let Go
Social Cues (RCA)
RIYL: Anything that CtE has done up until now.

Could it be that Cage the Elephant is really up to their fifth album? Where does the time go? There was plenty of drama in the making of this album, all surrounding singer Matt Shultz as his seven-year marriage fell apart. Plenty of self-medication and darkness followed before things were reversed. Interesting that there’s a co-write on the album with Beck, too. He raps on a couple of verses.

2. Krief, Daydream Lover
Dovetale (Indica Records)
RIYL: Bands with three brothers

Another song from Patrick Krief, the former guitarist for The Dears, and another example of the material he wrote as a happily married man. He calls it a very positive record. And we could all use a little positivity about now, no? The release date of Dovetale is set for June.

3. Altameda, Losing Sleep
Time Hasn’t Changed You (Phermone Recordings)
RIYL: Videos shot on 8mm film

While it’s been all the rage to shoot low-budget videos on smartphones when was the last time you saw a video created with old-school 8mm film? This Edmonton four-piece posts this as a mission statement on their Facebook page: “Respect for tradition with the sophistication to shake it off.” This is the band’s second album.

Low Hum, Strange Love
Room to Breathe (Last Gang)
RIYL: Psych

There’s still a while before this debut album comes out—we won’t get it until June 7—but this single will help us get into the headspace of Hawaiian-born producer and multi-instrumentalist Collin Desha. Those close to the LA scene (that’s where he hangs out now) have shown appreciation for his space/psych-pop. Fun fact: This song was loosely inspired by the Stanley Kubrick film, Dr. Strangelove.

5. Grandson, Apologize
A Modern Tragedy Vol. 2 EP (Fueled by Ramen)
Recommended if you like: Er, modern tragedies?

Due on February 22, Grandson (ne Jordan Benjamin of Englewood, New Jersey) has decided to comment on “gun violence, on apathy and sensationalized media, on truth and martyrdom.” Regarding this song, he says “So much of my music up to this point has been about reclaiming power, but this feels like the first truly uplifting interpretation of that theme.” Fun fact: If you’re a hardcore fan of Grandson, you’re known as a “grandkid.” Of course.

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