Hamilton council to consider judicial investigation into suppressed RHVP report

A motion calling for a judicial investigation into the Red Hill Valley Parkway (RHVP) report debacle will go before Hamilton council this week.

A 2013 consultant’s report on friction of the asphalt on the RHVP suggests it was below the expected standard and in some places, well below.

Councillor feels ‘betrayed’ in light of Red Hill Valley Parkway bombshell report

Ward 9’s Brad Clark says this whole situation shouldn’t have happened.

“The report was paid for by taxpayers’ money. It was paid for to inform decisions of this government and it was withheld. So, that cannot happen and we certainly have to put in place protocols to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future,” he says.

“When you have an issue of such compelling public interest, there needs to be an independent judicial inquiry. That way witnesses can be compelled to testify, records can be seized and the judge can back that up with a contempt of court citations,” he adds.

City report supports push for photo radar on Red Hill Valley Parkway

The Ward 9 councillor adds that he doesn’t believe “we have any other alternative, but to look at the one mechanism that can really dig in and get to the truth with authority. ”

There will be two motions presented at the Hamilton city council meeting on Feb. 13: one for the judicial investigation and the other to ensure any report regarding health and safety is immediately shared by staff with council.

Photo radar still on the wish list along LINC, Red Hill Valley Parkway

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is also calling for a judicial review into the buried safety report.

Horwath and local NDP MPPs say Ontario’s superior court should undertake a judicial review of how safety concerns about the roadway were handled, including the lack of disclosure about the 2013 friction test.

Saying “We can’t allow any more lives to be put in jeopardy,” Horwath is demanding the MTO friction test results on the highway be released now.

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