5 songs you must hear this week: 18 March 2019

1. Calpurnia, Cell
Single (Royal Mountain)
Recommended If You Like: Stranger Things

When I was in high school, I couldn’t imagine acting in a hit TV show, acting in movies produced by major studios, starring in a music video by a major band, or playing in a working band of their own. Yet Finn Wolfhard, the Vancouver kid who plays Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things, is doing all three at age 16 with his mates in Calpurnia. After last year’s Scout album, we have a new single that probably signals what the second record might sound like.

2. Jules, Fool’s Gold
People Watching (VerVain Records)
RIYL: Music for the Instagram Generation

Speaking of 16-year-olds, here’s Jules, an alt-indie artist from Toronto who is sort of a singer-songwriter but with something else added to the mix. She co-wrote every song on the album, mostly with Hill Kourkoutis, an associate of The Weeknd and Serena Ryder. Expect comparisons to Feist and Tegan & Sara.

Listen on Spotify.

3. Karen O and Danger Mouse, Turn the Light
Lux Prima (BMG)
RIYL: Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a few slight modifications

Danger Mouse loves to collaborate with musicians he admires: MF DOOM in DANGERDOOM, Gnarls Barkley, Sparklehorse, James Mercer of the Shins in Broken Bells, among others. He’s always wanted to work with Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but their schedules never seemed to synch up. But after eleven(!!!) years of trying the album is finally here.

4. Cosmo Sheldrake, Come Along
The Much Much How How (Independent)
RIYL: They Might Be Giants on acid

You’ve probably heard this song without even realizing it thanks to its appearance in a TV commercial for the iPhone XR. The track can be found on The Much Much How How and which came out nearly a year ago. A couple of facts: (a) Cosmo is English; (b) he’s the kind of guy who gets booked to perform at a TEDx event; and (c) he studied vocal improvisation with Bobby “Don’t Worry Be Happy” McFerrin.

5. Kasador, Broom & Bloom
Brood & Bloom (Independent)
RIYL: Son of the Tragically Hip. Sort of.

Kingston’s Kasador used to feature two Tragically Hip offspring, Boris Baker (son of Rob) and Angus Fay (son of Johnny). However, there have been some personal adjustments, one of which resulted in Angus’ departure. But there’s still plenty of Hip spirit on this record which is due this fall. First, it was recorded at The Hip’s Bathhouse recording studio outside of Kingston. Second, it was co-produced by dad Rob as well as The Hip’s Gord Sinclair. Can you sense where this might be going?

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