'He's guilty as hell': 'SNL' spoofs Trump impeachment results with Tucker Carlson show

WATCH ABOVE: 'SNL' spoofs Trump impeachment verdict with mock Tucker Carlson broadcast

Saturday Night Live (SNL) took a jab at the results of former U.S. President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial with its own spin of Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Featuring Alex Moffat as the primetime Fox News’ host, the show began with a “loose collection of scaremongering non sequiturs” — which included Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, pronouns for dogs and Pixar film —  in place of a usual monologue given by Carlson.

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Moffat’s Tucker then welcomed the first of many guests, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, to talk about the trial which ultimately saw Trump acquitted of the single charge against him on Saturday.

“Thank you Tucker. It’s a great day for 30 per cent of America and tonight, we party,” opened Graham, who was played by Kate McKinnon.

Graham called the trial “offensive” and “absurd” like an episode of Rick and Morty, but said that they all agreed that the attack on the U.S. Capitol was horrible.

“But just because the rioters were yelling ‘fight for Trump’ doesn’t mean they mean Donald Trump,” said the staunch Trump supporter.

“But regardless, the trial is over and we could move past this and focus on the serious issues — that’s locking up Hillary and freeing beautiful Britney Spears.”

Graham then pulled another of Trump’s close allies, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, who explained how Trump’s defence team prevailed despite having a “rough start” earlier in the week.

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“Like any impartial jurors, we took it upon ourselves to meet with the defence lawyers to give them some very simple legal advice: ‘stop and don’t,'” said Cruz, who was played by Aidy Bryant.

“But overall Ted and I are extremely proud of Trump’s lawyers, who are both partners of the law firm Cellino and Yikes,” added in Graham.

The skit also included the appearance of Mikey Day and Pete Davidson, who parodied the weak performance of Trump’s impeachment counsel.

“My name is Mr. van der Veen — that’s Dutch for man of the penis,” said one of Trump’s lawyers Michael van der Veen.

Last up on Carlson’s guest list was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was reprised on the show again by Beck Bennett.

“I think he’s guilty as hell and the worst person I ever met and I hope every city, county and state locks his ass up,” exclaimed McConnell, who was asked how he really thought of the former president.

“God that felt good. I’ve been holding that inside my neck for four years!”

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