Weekly survey: Is inflation cutting into your concert spending?

Over the weekend, I had no choice but to get some gas. By the time the numbers stopped spinning and the nozzle clicked off, I’d hit just over a hundred dollars, a new all-time fill-up record for me. I pulled away, the guy filling his SUV next to me was still pumping. He was approaching two hundred dollars.

When I got home, my wife, who had just finished grocery shopping, pointed to the meat she bought. The prices were insane. And when I tried to book an airline ticket to see my parents in Winnipeg next month, Air Canada quoted me a price of TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! For a flight to Winnipeg!

Inflation is nuts and is affecting everything. This got me thinking about spending on concert tickets. That’s discretionary after-tax money–and we all know how expensive concert tickets were before this round of inflation set it.

Question: Is the rising cost of living affecting how much you spend on going out to see live music?  https://twitter.com/alancross/status/1536325893139857409

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