John Lydon Accuses Sex Pistols Of Using Queen Elizabeth II’s Death For Gain

There appears to be conflict between John Lydon and Sex Pistols in the aftermath of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

Lydon accused his former bandmates and their managers of using their hit song “God Save the Queen” for commercial gain following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Lydon distanced himself from any such action.

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“John Lydon wishes to distance himself from any Sex Pistols activity which aims to cash in on Queen Elizabeth II’s death,” Lydon’s official Twitter account posted on Thursday. “The musicians in the band and their management have approved a number of requests against John’s wishes on the basis of the majority court-ruling agreement.

“In John’s view, the timing for endorsing any Sex Pistols requests for commercial gain in connection with ‘God Save The Queen’ in particular is tasteless and disrespectful to the Queen and her family at this moment in time.”

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Lydon’s team clarified that he has never supported the monarchy but believes a family deserves respect after the death of a loved one.

“John wrote the lyrics to this historical song, and while he has never supported the monarchy,” the post read. “He feels that the family deserves some respect in this difficult time, as would be expected for any other person or family when someone close to them has died.”

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