Ongoing History Daily: What was in David Bowie's fridge?

Back in the early-to-mid 1970s David Bowie was drinking heavily and doing a LOT of drugs, especially cocaine. This left him open to wandering down certain rabbit holes that didn’t do him any good. For example, he bonded with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page over matters of the occult, including the teachings of Aleister Crawley, the self-proclaimed “wickedest man alive.”

At some point, however, Bowie and Page had a falling out (we think it was some spilled wine on some silk cushions) and Bowie began to worry that Page might be out for some kind of revenge. As a precaution, Bowie began storing his urine in a fridge because he was afraid that Page and some kind of satanic coven of witches were after him. He believed that they wanted to steal is bodily fluids so that they could somehow conceive the Antichrist.

Nothing happened, of course, but better safe than sorry, I suppose.

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