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New Music Showcase

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Meet Shelley 

Just a goofy girl in a crazy world, Shelley has been rocking the mic on and off since 1992, when a vinyl track of Stairway to Heaven was every DJ’s go-to for taking a quick break.

Shelley fancies herself a lover of all things “of the moment” and living life like a cat. A music-loving word nerd and gamer geek, she can often be found crushing opponents in Clash of Clans, raiding Pokemon gyms, or tossing tiles across a Scrabble board.

She also believes firmly that there are only two real seasons: indoor concert season and outdoor concert season.  Shelley loves discovering new music, and the more local, the better. If you rep a band that you’d like featured on our New Music Showcase, weeknights at 7pm, get a hold of

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