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Tune in on the weekend for Y Weekends! Saturday 12-6pm and Sundays 11am-5pm! Call us in studio at 905-645-1079 or 1-800-267-ROCK and tweet @y108rocks

Meet Brian 

While many others go to church on Sunday morning, Baran goes to the home of World Class Rock every Sunday to worship the gods of rock n roll.

Surviving on a balanced diet of All Dressed Chips and whatever beer happens to be on sale, Baran strives to bring the glorious and diverse sounds of Rock music to your ears, mixed in with a wealth of useless music, movie and video game knowledge.After B minus-ing his way through the best that the Ontario public school system had to offer, he was voted most likely to live in a van down by the river….. He took it as a huge compliment. Listen in for him on Sundays from 11am to 5pm.​

Meet Shelley 

Just a goofy girl in a crazy world, Shelley has been rocking the mic on and off since 1992, when a vinyl track of Stairway to Heaven was every DJ’s go-to for taking a quick break.

Shelley fancies herself a lover of all things “of the moment” and living life like a cat. A music-loving word nerd and gamer geek, she can often be found crushing opponents in Clash of Clans, raiding Pokemon gyms, or tossing tiles across a Scrabble board.

She also believes firmly that there are only two real seasons: indoor concert season and outdoor concert season.  Shelley loves discovering new music, and the more local, the better. If you rep a band that you’d like featured on our New Music Showcase, weeknights at 7pm, get a hold of Shelley@y108.ca

12-6pm Saturday Afternoon’s on Y108


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