Mandarin MS Walk

Canada has one of the highest rates of MS in the world. When you join Mandarin MS Walk, you join our country’s collective effort to help improve the lives of Canadians affected by MS. The dollars you raise are invested in world-leading MS research happening right here in Canada. It’s an exciting time for MS research, and your fundraising will help improve the quality of life of Canadians affected by MS today, and those who may receive a diagnosis tomorrow.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, May 6, 2018 for the Hamilton-Stoney Creek Mandarin MS Walk!  The Walk is not all about walking, it’s about sharing, supporting, celebrating and making a difference. Come together with the Hamilton community to walk and support those with MS. With an opportunity to win a prize generously donated by H. Williams Jewellers and a great warm-up, you’ll be ready and excited to walk 2km or 5km. After completing the route, return to the finish line to enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch!


 Jessica King


Jessica King had always made plans for everything but it was 5 months before her wedding when Jessica got news she hadn’t planned for. In May 2012, she was diagnosed with MS and not only was the diagnosis a huge shock but she also had to come to the realization that when living with MS, there never is a plan. The biggest fear an extreme planner can have is fear of the unknown and Jessica knows that this is a very real thing when living with MS and something that she says she overcomes daily.

And so, on her five-year milestone, Jessica decided to participate in the MS Walk and help the cause. Jessica was the first to admit that she was apprehensive at first and was trying not to focus on what her life might be like one day.  Instead, she says she decided “that the day and the challenge would be about what I CAN do and what I WILL do now.” In fact, Jessica said that she had so much fun with her dogs and husband at the last MS Walk that worrying about everything was the farthest thing from her mind.  In the end, Jessica was proud of herself for participating and completing it.


Through the MS Walk and her diagnosis Jessica has learned a lot more about herself and in planning. She states that “when you receive a diagnosis that will change the course of your life it is very easy to feel alone.” In reality, she has found that through her diagnosis she really has a great support system of family, friends and co-workers that are there to support her and make her feel the exact opposite of alone.

Jessica is now looking forward to this year’s walk and would encourage others who can to come out and participate. Her suggestion to people is “to challenge yourself – Because many people can’t! Sign up and come out for a great cause!” In fact, Last year alone Jessica raised over $1400 in her first year of fundraising. She believes to not be afraid to ask people, as they can surprise you and be very generous. She plans on keeping her goals attainable and as she did last year, to never expect too much and hope for the best to achieve it. As for Jessica’s need to relinquish her need for planning and taking a part of the MS walk she states that “I feel when it comes to physical activity and living with MS, if you CAN you SHOULD because the opportunity may not be there tomorrow.”

For a complete list of events and to register, the public may visit or call 1-888-822-8467. To learn more about MS and the activities of the MS Society of Canada the public may visit or call the MS Knowledge Network at 1-844-859-6789.


“I now know that MS is a part of me, but it does not define me.” – Janine Tame
Written by: Carleigh McInnes

With her three children constantly cheering her on, 33-year-old Janine Tame, an educational assistant from Hamilton went from thoughts of a crumbling world to acceptance and optimism of her diagnosis of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis.

When her neurologist showed her the scans and said “I’m sorry, you have MS” – a world-crumbling, life-altering statement – Janine wondered “how am I going to live like this?”. Worries flooded her mind – how will I care for myself? How will I care for my kids? Will they have to take care of me? Despite a happy, strong exterior, Janine struggles internally every day, but with the help of her extremely supportive family, who have rallied around her since her diagnosis, she has discovered the best way to live with MS.

Although losing her strength and energy can be an obstacle, any time Janine has a chance to dance, she takes advantage of it, allowing her to feel like a missing piece of her has returned. Surrounding herself with positive motivators and activities, and setting goals is what keeps Janine going. One day she hopes to travel through Europe and take in the experiences of Italy and Germany.

Janine has always loved to be active, and after her diagnosis in 2014, she decided to take part in the 2015 Hamilton-Stoney Creek Mandarin MS Walk as team captain for her team Janine’s Fighting Machine. Consisting of herself, her mom, sister, brother-in-law, aunt, cousins, and friends, they have all come together at the beginning of May for the last 3 years to raise funds and awareness for MS. Janine’s fondest memory of the event was crossing the finish line alongside her children, running and cheering their way to the balloon arch. Additionally, in 2017, Janine’s Fighting Machine was named Best Dressed Team, which was an amazing feeling. When asked why she participates in the event she said, “I know that one day, I may not be able to participate in the walk. As long as I am able, I will walk to raise awareness of this disease and fundraise to help find a cure.”

With her optimistic mindset, hearty support system and the hope of modern medicine improvements, Janine says a cure for MS would be “victorious” and that “a cure would mean we won the fight and all the effort showed others to never stop fighting!”

To become involved with the MS Walk, please visit to register and donate. For further information on multiple sclerosis, visit or call the MS Knowledge Network at 1-844-859-6789.

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