Brian West

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Meet Brian! 

Brian West was born and raised in a house… in Ottawa.  That explains why he’s a Sens fan. Instead of getting a job at the Government, he decided to get into radio.

He takes you home every afternoon from 2-6pm with “The HR Files”, “Believe It Or Not”, “What’s Up” and more.

Brian is a proud Dad with 2 kids at home and a miniature Golden Doodle named Roxy.

When he’s not on the radio, Brian is also a voice actor and can be heard on commercials, narrating TV shows and was even in the cartoon Beyblade.

He loves going to see live music and hanging out on patios in the summer – not a fan of Winter at all.  He also tries to play the drums and bass guitar when he can, but the kids usually just take over.

Call the show anytime between 2-6pm!


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