Live At the Drive-In Presents Classic Albums Live: Led Zeppelin 2!

October 8th at the Ancaster Fairgrounds, Classic Albums Live will be on stage playing the iconic album Led Zeppelin 2, along with some of the Zeppelin’s other greatest hits. This will be a hit for hit, note for note celebration of one of the greatest albums in history!

This is a socially distanced ‘Drive-In’ show. Ticket purchase is PER VEHICLE!! You can bring as many people as legally allowed in your vehicle with seatbelts. 

There are a few rules to follow, but this is an all out show. Full PA system, FM Transmitted to your car stereo, and not only is there a festival style stage, but there’s a 40′ video wall on either side of the stage. This will be the best drive in experience there is!



The tiered ticketing you see, is essentially a scale of distance to the stage. VIP is the FRONT ROW! The main section all has great views of the stage, and is considered Tier 2.

For tickets and more info, visit them on socials @CanadasLargestDriveIn